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sola-lime and Borosilicate

  • Laminated 
  • Toughened
  • Fire protect; Bullet proof
  • Painted
  • Mirrors
    • with or without LED

CNC precision 

Edging    Milling    Drilling


Cutting; Milling, Drilling and Edging with CNC accuracy

Laminated glass

Profial works with EVA and can execute taylor made works like pool walls or glass inserted with marble, metal mesh or textils.


Borosilicate Glass

Tough, light and versatile, BOROFLOAT® (Schott trademark) is coveted by technology companies and scientific institutes for its superb technical capabilities. Excellent transparency and thermal and chemical resistance make it ideal for use in automotive applications, digital projection, inspection windows and much more.

Glass Painting

The glass can be any color you like and the same texture and ease of cleaning. It's a perfect solution for wall fixed or movable partitions and electronic equipments.