Profial, Aluminium Professionals, SA is an SME business that started in 2000 and works in the construction and public works sector, especially in the area of aluminum framework.

With its head office and factory located in Atouguia – Ourém the company also has an office in Queijas – Oeiras for technical and commercial support to their work in Lisbon’s area.

Initially Profial invested in software and technologically advanced manufacturing equipment specific to the sector, which allied to product quality, accuracy and compliance with the commitments made, allowed the company’s access to some works of major importance and complexity throughout the country.

As a result of the significant increase in turnover and number of employees, Profial also invested in the organizational area by adopting an ERP integrated management system associated with the Quality system. Profial complies with European Union legislation and has CE-marked products.


Where We Are

Over the years we have carried out works throughout the country and as our reputation grows, so does the desire to consolidate entry into markets such as SPAIN, FRANCE, MOROCCO, BURKINA FASO, ANGOLA, VENEZUELA … 

Area of Activity

  • Execution of aluminum frame systems;
  • Masonry, plaster, stucco and paintings under replacement window frames;
  • Partitions and suspended ceilings;
  • Conservation of buildings as replacement frames.

Message from the Administration

To the Employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

In the year 2000, when Profial was established and only had 8 employees, we hardly predicted that today the company would already have 31 employees, a turnover of more than 3,5 million euros and construction projects carried out in Portugal, the archipelagoes of Madeira and Azores, France, Spain, Angola, Morocco, Burkina Faso and Venezuela.

However, we believe that this development has been made in a sustainable manner, based on principles such as quality and accuracy by the commitments assumed and performed work.

In the current juncture and in the future that lies ahead, we are all aware of the market difficulties, however, with the experience we already have, with the investment in equipment and internal organization of the firm, combined with our will, we will strive to overcome this period for all adverse.

We would like to thank the team of employees whose efforts and dedication has been essential to Profial, as well as customers, suppliers and other partners, for their confidence that was extremely important in these 14 years of existence.